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What did you say?

Communication is the key to any relationship. With bad communication, problems crop up at unexpected places. Sometimes, we say things we don't mean without even realizing it. We continue to go about our day, unaware that we have hurt someone's feelings. It is important

to let someone know when their words hurt you. They can learn your language and be able to explain what they mean. Learning their language, in the same way, helps you gain a deeper understanding.

What you say can make a big difference in your relationship. How will the listener know what you mean? The listener only picks up your words and makes interpretations. Choosing the right words while communicating is important. If you know about your partner's sensitivities about a subject, you may want to be careful while talking, even in jest. Your tone needs to be intentional, and you take care while speaking. You never know when you might hurt your partner's feelings. This communication care is critical in keeping a healthy relationship.

You can feel free to communicate if you are sure that your partner will also communicate freely with you if there is a misinterpretation. Both of you behave like close friends who don't mind expressing themselves. Suppose the relationship has not reached that level. You have to be careful while talking. Loose talk in a relationship can spoil many opportunities for intimacy and connection.

It is also wise not to communicate about important subjects over text. Tone and meaning can get lost and misinterpreted. Speaking in person opens the door for more intimacy and the truth.

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